Bataan Model 71

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The Bataan Model 71, an unlicensed Ithaca Model 37 clone manufactured by Industrias Marcati SA in Argentina.

The Bataan Modelo 71 is a pump action shotgun manufactured in Argentina since the 1970s(?) by Industrias Marcati SA for use by the police and the Armed Forces. It is basically an unlicensed clone of the legendary Ithaca Model 37 shotgun with a couple of significant changes, presumably to avoid legal issues from Ithaca.

Specifications And Other Info

Designed: 1970 to 1971.

In Service: 1971-present(?).

Manufacturer: Industrias Marcati SA of Argentina.

Weight: 6.08 lbs (2.76 Kg) unloaded.

Overall Length: 39.37 inches (1000 mm).

Barrel Length: 12.4 inches to 24.2 inches (315mm to 615mm).

Caliber / Cartridge: 12 Gauge.

Magazine / Feed System: 5 or 7 round tube magazines.

Skirting Legal Claims

Being an unlicensed copy of the Ithaca 37 shotgun, it was important to make sufficient changes to avoid legal issues. Two significant modifications were made to the exterior, and one to the interior.

The cap of the tubular tank is located above the flange that connects the barrel with it. The barrel is secured to the receiver using bolts. Internally, the cartridge driving and ejector lever (fork) is made up of two pieces that articulate separately. However, this system can lead to feeding or ejection failures when one of these two parts becomes loose or jammed.