Birchwood Casey

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Birchwood Casey's logo.

Birchwood Casey was founded in 1948. They are a company offering products that cater to gun and shooting enthusiasts as well as gunsmiths alike.

They feature a wide variety of products including paper and steel shooting targets, along with a wide range of gunsmithing related products such as metal and wood finishes marketed specifically for firearms, as well as other miscellaneous firearm-related items.

Some of their most well-known products include:

  • Tru-Oil (A popular gun stock finish consisting of linseed oil, polyurethane and some other ingredients),
  • Steel shooting targets for assorted calibers, rated from .22 Long Rifle, to higher calibers.
  • Paper shooting targets, including their "Darkotic" splattering targets (featuring zombies and so on).
  • Steel bluing solutions such as their Perma Blue and Super Blue products.