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A picture of Eugene Stoner and Mikhail Kalashnikov, holding each other's weapons: The AK-47 and AR-15 respectively.

Welcome to Firearm Wiki: The Ultimate Internet Gun Encyclopedia!

We're so glad you made it here!

What is Firearm Wiki? Why did we create it?:

We've started this website with the goal of shaping into the authoritative source on all things guns, whether it be common knowledge, or hidden and obscure. We were simply dissatisfied with a number of other knowledge bases on the subject of firearms and decided that we would attempt to do better. To be better.

This task will be no small undertaking, but rather a community effort by gun enthusiasts from around the world! That is why to reach our goal, it will require outside contributions from the community. Find our information on a subject lacking? You can contribute and edit pages too! If you have any more obscure firearms without many information sources on the web, we'll need you to fill in that information with us! Thank you so much for using and contributing to this knowledge base. I know that in time, it will truly be something special.

Want to Contribute?:

It's easy! If you find a page that exists but is incomplete, search for it / navigate to it as normal, then click "edit" on the top right-hand side. Make your changes, await moderation, and you're done! Congratulations, you've contributed to Firearm Wiki!

If you want to create a page that doesn't yet exist, the easiest way is to simply search for the term in the search bar on the top right of the site. When the term returns no result for a page with that name, you'll have the option to "create that page". Now, you can freely edit it as above!

Tips For Contributing:

Remember, always cite your source if you're able to! While this isn't always possible to do, especially if there exists little other information to cross-reference, we do aim to be extremely authoritative, so every citation helps to add usefulness and credibility to the Firearm Wiki website. Also, remember to add pictures, and even perhaps embed videos and so on, in order to spice up pages, if possible!

You'll also find for example, that some guns have a ton of variants within a similar model number or something those lines. As one example: Suppose we're talking about the M16 Rifle (U.S. military designation). An individual page for the M16, M16A1, M16A2 and so on, are not needed. They can all be placed on one overall page under "M16 Rifle", and each of those variants would exist as a subheading.