Stevens Model 14-1/2 "Little Scout"

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A Stevens Model 14-1/2 "Little Scout", a single-shot .22 youth rifle. Made originally by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company.

The Stevens Model 14-1/2 "Little Scout" (Also known more simply as the "Stevens Little Scout") was a single-shot falling block .22 rifle produced by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company. It was marketed as a compact youth rifle, evident in the name. In fact at the time, the Stevens company was well known for this type of firearm in their product lines.

The overall manufacture of this rifle seems to have spanned from around 1903 until 1941..?


Caliber: .22 Long Rifle.

Capacity: Single-shot.

Barrel Length: 18 inches.

(Other specs needed, and could vary somewhat between manufacture years..)

Safety Warning

Because of the age of these rifles, especially those that were manufactured earlier in the model's production life, it may be advisable to stick to no greater than standard velocity .22 ammo. Regular bulk high velocity may work as well, but it's advised to avoid loads such as CCI Velocitor, CCI Stinger, Aguila Super Maximum, and other similar higher-powered "hyper velocity" .22 ammo.


Youtube user "1957Shep" did a great video showcasing his Stevens Model 14-1/2 "Little Scout" youth rifle.

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