Marlin Model 99M1

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A Marlin Model 99M1, shown equipped with a leather sling.

The Marlin Model 99M1 was part of the Marlin Model 99 series of semi-automatic .22 rifles. While the Model 99 series was typical of what you'd expect of a standard .22 rifle of the period, the Model 99M1 was instead equipped with an M1 Carbine inspired wood stock, giving this model a unique look and feel. It features a top "handguard" and barrel band much like the M1 Carbine, as well as improved sights.

A similar rifle was also sold as the Glenfield Model 75. But not exactly: While the Glenfield Model 75 did retain the barrel band around the end of the stock and the rifle's barrel, that rifle featured different sights, a longer barrel, and no top handguard like on the Model 99M1. However, the main stock and magazine tube are identical. While both are part of Marlin's Model 99 lineup and therefore very similar, they were not configured quite the same way.

The Model 99M1's magazine-fed counterpart is the Marlin Model 989 M2. They are extremely similar, except the Model 989 M2 features a detachable box magazine, instead of being tube-fed like the Model 99M1.


Caliber: .22 Long Rifle

Barrel: 18" barrel with Marlin's Micro-Groove rifling.

Magazine Capacity: 9+1: A 9-round tube-fed magazine, ending flush with the front of the stock.

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