Glenfield Firearms Company (J.C. Penney)

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A vintage catalog, showcasing several Glenfield-branded firearms.

Glenfield Firearms Co. was the company and brand name used by J.C. Penney for the firearms they sold. Unlike some other similar brand names used by major stores, firearms manufactured for J.C. Penney's "Glenfield" name were all sourced from a single company: Marlin Firearms.

The Glenfield line have been known for high quality and longevity, so finding these guns used on the aftermarket is quite easy.

Because of the age of these firearms, all guns with Glenfield branding over 50 years of age from their dates of manufacture, and are therefore C&R eligible.

Glenfield Models and Manufacturers List

The list below was sourced from:

While this appears to be the full list of Glenfield Firearms and their original model numbers from Marlin, it's very possible this list is not complete. The information at has been entered into the table below:

Glenfield Model Number Manufacturer / Manufacturer's Model Number
Glenfield Model 10 Marlin Model 101
Glenfield Model 20 Marlin Model 780 & Marlin Model 80
Glenfield Model 25 Marlin Model 780 & Marlin Model 80
Glenfield Model 25M Marlin Model 782
Glenfield Model 30A Marlin Model 336A
Glenfield Model 30GT Marlin Model 336T
Glenfield Model 35 Marlin Model 336
Glenfield Model 50 Marlin Model 55
Glenfield Model 60 Marlin Model 990
Glenfield Model 65 Marlin Model 60 "Golden 50"
Glenfield Model 70 Marlin Model 989
Glenfield Model 75 Marlin Model 99M1 (But with some differences)