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A picture of Parker Otto "P.O." Ackley, a famous gunsmith and author. He is probably most known for his development of a large number of wildcat cartridges.

Parker Otto Ackley (May 25, 1903, Granville, New York – August 23, 1989) was an American gunsmith, author, columnist, and perhaps most famously, a firearms researcher and wildcat cartridge creator.

Ackley started his career as a gunsmith in Oregon in 1936, But World War II would soon interrupt. In 1945, he opened a new shop in Trinidad, Colorado, and soon became one of the largest custom gunmakers in the United States. He was also on the staff of the magazines Guns & Ammo and Shooting Times. Ackley was an instructor at the Trinidad State Junior College from 1946 to 1951, where he had the opportunity to do a great deal of research and development.

A biography was written about Ackley titled "P.O. Ackley, America's Gunsmith", by Fred Zeglin. - ISBN 9781440247590.

Cartridges Developed by P.O. Ackley

A (probably incomplete) list of cartridges developed and/or improved by Parker Otto Ackley. Keep in mind, the "Improved" cartridges could all be formed from standard cases, and firearms chambered for them could also fire their standard non-improved counterparts as well! However, other cartridges without the "improved" nomenclature, do not share these characteristics as they would require length and/or caliber changes.