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An RG Model 26 (AKA RG-26), a "Saturday night special" type handgun manufactured by RG Industries, and chambered in .25 ACP.

Shown in box, with an additional magazine.

The RG Model 26, also known as the "RG-26" or the "Mod RG 26" was a small semi-automatic pocket pistol sold by RG Industries. It was chambered in .25 ACP.

It is a striker-fired handgun has no exposed hammer, essentially making it double-action only.

Although firearms made by RG are already known for being of poor quality, pistols such as the RG-26 are often especially frowned upon, primarily because of a serious potential safety issue, possibly leading to accidental discharge. See the "safety issues" section below for more information on this problem.

Blank-Firing Version

This pistol actually has a blank-firing counterpart, known as the Rohm RG8 (aka the RG Model 8, or RG-8). That gun is virtually identical, but instead of firing live ammunition, it instead fires 8mm blank cartridges.


Caliber: .25 ACP

Action: Semi-Automatic

Barrel Length: About 2 inches..?

Weight: 12 Ounces

Capacity: 7+1 (7 Round Detachable Magazine)

Specs Source: Triplek.com - https://www.triplek.com/product/rg-26-25acp-7-rd-magazine-or-grips/

Safety Issues

The RG Model 26 has been known to be capable of firing without pulling the trigger during the chambering of a round. It is unknown is this only affects a particular run of this handgun or not. It also is not entirely known what causes the issue, but it could very possible that the striker is sometimes held forward, leading to an unsafe discharge.

If you are to attempt to use this handgun for any reason, it is highly advised to do so in a safe environment such as a shooting range, or to avoid chambering a round until ready to fire.


Movies / Film

The RG Model 26's 8mm blank-firing counterpart, the Rohm RG8 has appeared in several movies over the years.

Royal Warriors (1986) - also known as "In the Line of Duty"

The Rohm RG8 pistol was featured in Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (A.K.A. "In the Line of Duty"), and is carried by security guard Michael Wong in an ankle holster as his duty weapon. Of course, the irony being that in real life, it's actually a gun that fires 8mm blanks.

Michael Wong aiming his Rohm RG8 in Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (also known as "In the Line of Duty").
Michael Wong's Rohm RG8 pistol is shown on the floor in the Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (also known as "In the Line of Duty").

Crime Spree (2003)

In the 2003 French film "Crime Spree", the characters Julien and Raymond are both seen shooting a Rohm RG8.

Raymond firing a Rohm RG8 pistol in the 2003 film "Crime Spree".
Raymond shooting his Rohm RG8 pistol in Crime Spree (2003).