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An RG Model 26 (AKA RG-26), a "Saturday night special" type handgun manufactured by RG Industries, and chambered in .25 ACP.

RG Industries (often known simply as "RG") was the United States division of Röhm Gesellschaft, a German firearms manufacturer, who itself was meant to be a diversification for German tool manufacturer RÖHM GmbH to enter the gun industry. Both companies specialized in cheaply-made "Saturday night special" type guns.

Many firearms made by RG are notorious for their especially poor quality and reliability, even among already cheaply made "Saturday night specials" such as those made by the "Ring of Fire" manufacturers in the United States. One example is the RG Model 26, which has been known to be a particularly poor and unsafe design. It is capable of firing by merely by chambering a round without pulling the trigger!

On the other hand, models such as the RG-14 have a slightly better reputation for quality and reliability, even if they too are not particularly well-made among the RG product lineup.

Origins and History

RG Industries was established in response to the Gun Control Act of 1968, which imposed new restrictions on the importation of already completed "pot metal" firearms. RG Industries was headquartered in Miami, Florida. They would receive parts from their German counterpart Röhm Gesellschaft, assemble them, and sell them within the United States market.

The company would last until 1986, at which point it ceased operations.

Models Released by RG

RG released many models of firearms over their existence. This is most likely not an exhaustive list, but does cover a large number of their products.

  • Röhm Mini: 6mm Flobert blank gun. A plastic version of the RG-3.
  • Röhm Mini 1: Larger version of the Mini with an integrated 15mm/9mm flare adapter inside the barrel.
  • RG-3s: Front firing version of the RG-2s. 6mm Flob. blank-, gas-, flare-pistol. Able to shoot CN cartridges (tear gas), 9mm flares. 15mm pyro ammunition can be used with an external adapter
  • RG-3: Successor to RG-3s and replacement for RG-2s, 4s and 5s. Still in production by Umarex.
  • RG-3 S: RG-3 for the US market. Unable to shoot tear gas and flares (barrel is blocked to projectiles)
  • RG-4s: Improved version of the RG-2s. Top firing but a 15mm/9mm flare adapter can be installed
  • RG-5s: Like the RG-3s but a slightly different shape
  • RG-7 Senorita: .25 ACP pocket revolver. Cylinder is removable & loads by a swing-out bullet gate
  • RG-10s: .22 LR double-action revolver.
  • RG-14s: .22 LR double-action revolver (same as the Model 14) but in silver coloration.
  • RG-16: double barrel .22 derringer
  • RG-17: double barrel .38 SPL derringer.
  • RG-20: .22 Short calibre DA revolver (short barrel)
  • RG-23: .22 LR. calibre SA/DA revolver with swing-out cylinder
  • RG-24: .22 LR. calibre DA revolver
  • RG-25: .25 calibre semi-auto pistol
  • RG-31: .38 calibre 5-shot revolver featuring a screw-in cylinder.
  • RG-34S: .22LR 8-shot Revolver with swing-out cylinder, fixed sights.
  • RG-34T: .22 LR calibre 8-shot revolver with swing-out cylinder, with adjustable sights
  • RG-38: .38 calibre 6-shot revolver with swing-out cylinder<ref name="youtube.com"/>
  • RG-38S: .38 Special 6 Shot revolver with swing out Cylinder
  • RG-40: .38 SPL DA revolver w/swing-out cylinder
  • RG-46: 6mm Flobert blank 7-shot revolver. No barrel. Flare adapter directly attached to the frame
  • RG 56 Le Petite: 6mm Flobert 7-shot blank-firing revolver.
  • RG-57: .357 or .44 Magnum 6-round revolver.
  • RG-59: 9mm R. /.380 R. 5-shot blank gun<ref name="ReferenceA">Template:YouTube</ref>
  • RG-61: .22 Long Rifle single shot handgun.
  • RG-66T: .22 calibre SA revolver resembling a Colt Model 1873 with adjustable Rear Sight and Fixed Ramp Front Sight.
  • RG-70: .315 K. blank pistol
  • RG-74: 38 Special calibre DA revolver with swing-out cylinder
  • RG-86: .22 calibre SA revolver resembling a Colt Model 1873 The Receiver or Cylinder Housing on this model is constructed of steel.
  • RG Model High Noon: .22 Caliber Single Action 6-shot Revolver. Cylinders were provided in either .22 Lr. and .22 Mag. Calibers. This Revolver is very similar to the RG Model 66 series, however it has numerous safety enhancements were absent on the RG Model 66. To date 6" and 9" Barrels have been encountered.
  • RG 69& RG 89 & RG 99: 6-shot 9mm R. / .380 R. blank revolver <ref name="ReferenceA"/>
  • RG-90: .315 K. blank pistol.

In History

Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan

Although RG firearms were known for turning up regularly in typical street crime, the most famous event involving the company was when John Hinckley Jr. used an RG-14 .22 revolver in his attempt to assassinate United States President Ronald Reagan on March 30th, 1981.

In Pop-Culture

Movies / Film

Royal Warriors (1986) - also known as "In the Line of Duty"

The Rohm RG8 pistol was featured in Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (A.K.A. "In the Line of Duty"), and is carried by security guard Michael Wong in an ankle holster as his duty weapon. Of course, the irony being that in real life, it's actually a gun that fires 8mm blanks.

Michael Wong aiming his Rohm RG8 in Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (also known as "In the Line of Duty").
Michael Wong's Rohm RG8 pistol is shown on the floor in the Hong Kong action film "Royal Warriors" (also known as "In the Line of Duty").

Crime Spree (2003)

In the 2003 French film "Crime Spree", the characters Julien and Raymond are both seen shooting a Rohm RG8.

Raymond firing a Rohm RG8 pistol in the 2003 film "Crime Spree".
Raymond shooting his Rohm RG8 pistol in Crime Spree (2003).