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A photo of the Rossi RS22, a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in the .22LR cartridge. This rifle is also sold as the Mossberg 702 Plinkster with some minor differences.

The Rossi RS22 is a Brazilian-made semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered in the .22 Long Rifle cartridge. It is manufactured (and imported?) for the Rossi USA brand by the Braztech company, which is also located in Brazil.

It features an ergonomic polymer stock, a magazine capacity of 10 rounds out of the box, a free-floating 18-inch barrel and adjustable fiber-optic style sights. The RS22 is also available with the option of a threaded barrel from the factory. This model of rifle is also sold as the Mossberg 702 Plinkster, but with a different stock.

A .22 Magnum variant of the RS22 is available as the Rossi RS22M. However, it it diverges in a number of areas, including a longer barrel (21 inches), a built-in picatinny rail for mounting optics, and what appears to be an upgraded trigger.


From the Rossi USA website:

  • Action: semi-automatic.
  • Caliber / Cartridge: .22 Long Rifle.
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds, detachable (aftermarket 25-round magazines available).
  • Sights: Fiber-optic, fully adjustable.
  • Rifling: 1:12 twist rate, 8 grooves.
  • Overall Length: 36.2 inches (919.48 mm), free-float (threaded available).
  • Barrel Length: 18 inches (457.2 mm)
  • Weight (Empty): 4.8 lbs (76.8 oz) - Some sources claim closer to 4.1 lbs..?
  • Additional Features: Last-shot bolt hold-open.

Interchangeability with Mossberg 702 Plinkster

The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is the same rifle, made by the same manufacturer, but with a different stock. Parts are entirely interchangeable. This includes swapping stocks, any internal components, detachable magazine (both OEM and aftermarket extended mags), and so on. However, it does not appear that Mossberg sells a variant with optional threaded barrel.

One Reddit user argues in this Reddit thread that the rifles are indeed fully interchangeable in all aspects, including quality. However, in the same thread, another commenter argued that the Rossi and Mossberg models are made to different standards, and that "It is not rare for the Brazilian equivalent to break in the first 100 shots, arrive rusted from factory, etc." Unfortunately, no verification is given for such claims on actual differences between quality control and so on. Perhaps this can be deduced from price difference, or perhaps there is just a small premium to pay for the American "Mossberg" branding?

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Buy a Rossi RS22

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Rossi RS22 at GritrSports - Link to purchase a Rossi RS22 at GritrSports, an online retailer. You'll see various stock colors, as well as threaded and non-threaded variants.

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External Links & Info

Rossi USA Website - A page containing semi-auto rimfire rifles on the Rossi USA website, including the RS22 with threaded and non-threaded barrels, as well as RS22M variants.