Bill Eichelberger

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Bill Eichelberger is most known in the realm of firearms for creating a significant number of different wildcat cartridges. Especially in small calibers like .10 caliber, .12 caliber, .14 caliber which he's done since the 1970's.

One such example would be the .10 Eichelberger Long Rifle, which is one of the smallest, if not the smallest wildcat cartridges ever produced.

Many of Eichelberger's wildcat chamberings (and the ammo to go with it) can be purchased from SSK Industries, or probably custom-ordered from any gunsmith, as is the case with most wildcat chamberings/cartridges.

Wildcat Cartridges by Eichelberger

Bill Eichelberger created a good number of wildcat cartridges, but many of them were based on only a few different cartridges. Below is a (possibly incomplete) list:

.218 Bee

.22 Long Rifle

.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

.22 Hornet

.22 Cooper Centerfire Magnum

.222 Remington Magnum

.25 ACP

.30 Carbine