Ring of Fire (Guns)

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The "Ring of Fire" is a colloquial term used to describe a number of United States firearm manufacturers that specialized in the production of cheaply-made "Saturday night special" type firearms. This group of companies acquired this nickname through the repeated appearance of their firearms in crimes across the United States. The original list of "Ring of Fire" manufacturers were:

NOTE: Although this appears to be a lot of different manufacturers (and there were), all of the above companies were actually linked to each other in one way or another, and all directly (or indirectly) originated from Raven Arms and its original MP-25 handgun..

The only real exception to the above would be Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT). It was not directly linked with the original Raven company in any way, but was still considered to be part of the "Ring of Fire" manufacturers.


The Youtube channel "GunWebsites" made an excellent video that explains the history of the "Ring of Fire" in great detail. If one wishes to get a deeper understanding of the history of these companies, it is highly worth watching.