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The logo of Tech Sights, a company that produces aftermarket aperture sights for a variety of firearms.

Tech Sights is a company based in the United States that produces high-quality aftermarket adjustable aperture sights for a large selection of popular firearms.

Their website is:

The company was started by father/son duo Larry and Erik Nesseth, with much help from Larry's wife and Erik's mother, Karen. According to an article by Mark Miller at, the origins of the company went like this:

"In the spring of 2004, Larry Nesseth and his son Erik were up in Wisconsin shooting their SKS rifles. Like all communist rifles, the SKS sights were designed to prevent shooters from adjusting them. Father and son both worked in blue collar manufacturing jobs and knew they could build something better—something like the aperture sights on their Army National Guard M-16s. Being good Americans, they designed, prototyped, and built some sights in their spare time, eventually patenting Tech Sights aperture sights. Karen, the mom, helped build the foundation of the business with the administrative tasks. The American Dream at work. They currently have approximately 20 models of sights for various rifles. Erik and Karen continue to run the company in South Carolina in the absence of Larry, who passed away in August of 2012."

Interestingly, these sights have become very popular at Project Appleseed events. In fact, Marlin partnered with Project Appleseed and Tech Sights and produced a version of their Marlin 795 that specifically included Tech Sights, called the Marlin 795LTR ("Liberty Training Rifle"), intended for Project Appleseed events.

A Marlin Model 795 LTR ("Liberty Training Rifle"), a rifle that came out of a partnership between Marlin, Tech Sights, and Project Appleseed. It includes a sling, and upgraded GI-style aperture sights from the company Tech Sights. It was geared specifically towards being used at Project Appleseed events.

Benefits of Tech Sights

Because Tech Sights are typically mounted on the receiver, similarly to a scope, they offer an increased sight radius which is known to improve accuracy. Likewise, tech sights are adjustable for windage and elevation, unlike many factory sights.

Windage and elevation adjustment can be especially useful on surplus-type firearms such as AK variants and SKS's. This allows the user to adjust for proper sight alignment, rather than have to use "kentucky windage", or less desirable methods such as physically bending or hammering over the factory sights if they're not aligned properly from factory.

Even beyond the added versatility of Tech Sights, it's worth noting that they're far more precise that most factory-included sights in general.

Tech Sights Supported Firearms

Tech sights make their products for a large number of popular guns by many different manufacturers. These include:

  • AK Variants,
  • Ruger Mini Series,
  • Ruger American Rimfire,
  • Marlin XT rifle series,
  • Mossberg Rifles,
  • Remington 597,
  • CZ 452 and CZ 455
  • KelTec rifles (SU-16 series, SU-22, PLR-16 and PLR-22).