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The Marlin 795, a .22 semi-automatic rifle that is essentially the magazine-fed version of the legendary Marlin Model 60. Photo Source: Andy C. at

The Marlin Model 795 (also referred to as simply the "Marlin 795") is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle and manufactured by Marlin (now owned by Remington since 2007). It is essentially a magazine-fed version of the famous Marlin Model 60. Other than the changes to accept a detachable magazine, the internal components of both guns are quite similar.

The Marlin Model 795 is well-known for being highly accurate and reliable out of the box. Much of this accuracy may be the result of the rifle coming with a "heavy barrel" straight from the factory. While it is not necessarily the equivalent of a high-end aftermarket target barrel, a heavier than normal barrel may improve stability on the stock gun, possibly improving accuracy.

One area where the Marlin 795 may be considered to fall short, is the aftermarket. While there are a good number of high-quality mods available for these rifles, there are still far fewer aftermarket accessories available compared to the Ruger 10/22 for example. However, this has changed quite a bit in recent years (see "aftermarket" section).


Caliber: .22 Long Rifle

Capacity: 10-Round detachable magazine. Aftermarket 25-round magazine and 75-round drum magazine are available.

Barrel: 18-inch barrel with Marlin's Micro-Groove Rifling. A fairly thick "heavy barrel" comes stock.

Weight: 4.5lbs (Just over 2 Kilograms).

Additional Features: Last shot bolt hold open.

Manufacturer Recommended Ammunition

  • CCI Mini-Mag
  • CCI Mini-Mag Hollow Point
  • Federal Classic High Velocity
  • Winchester Super X High Velocity

Sourced from: Marlin 795 User Manual

Note: .22's can often be finicky, especially with lower quality "bulk" ammo. Marlin 795 owners' mileage appears to vary depending on their gun. The bulk ammo that works well in others' guns, may not function well in yours. It's best to try several brands and generally stick to whatever feeds reliably.


  • Model 795: Standard blued version.
  • Model 795SS: Comes with a stainless steel barrel and receiver.
  • Marlin Model 795 LTR: ("Liberty Training Rifle"), produced in 2013 in collaboration with Project Appleseed and Tech Sights.
  • Marlin Model 70P: Takedown version, produced from 1984–present. Blued version was discontinued, but stainless still produced.
  • Marlin Model 70HC: Came from factory with a 25-round magazine (HC stood for "high capacity") - Was produced from 1988-1996.
  • Glenfield Model 70: Came with 12-round or 7-round magazines. Made from 1988-1996.
  • Marlin Model 7000: Heavy Target Barrel version of the 795, made from 1997-2004.
  • Marlin Model 7000T: Essentially the same as the Model 7000, but with a laminate pistol-grip style target stock.

Aftermarket Magazines, Modifications, Parts, etc

While the number of aftermarket parts and mods for the Marlin 795 pale in comparison to something like the Ruger 10/22, there are still quite a few options available for this series of rifles, as well as other rifles like the Marlin Model 60.

Aftermarket Magazines

  • ProMag 25-Round Magazines, and 70-Round Drum Magazines: Both are generally considered reliable. The major contender for high-cap Marlin 795 magazines. Affordable, at about $14 for the 25-rounder, but about $70 for the 70-round drum.
  • Champion 25-Round Magazines: Mixed reputation and reliability, but recent reviews appear decent. Very affordable, only about $10 a piece. The ProMag products are probably a preferable choice to start with though.
  • "National Magazine brand 15-Round Magazines: Generally bad reviews. Buyer beware!

Aftermarket Triggers / Mods

  • The "Floppy Disk" Mod: Some owners remove the trigger return spring that comes stock, and replace it with a weaker one, such as one from a floppy disk. Which is great, since this mod is completely free should you have a useless floppy disk lying around. This should reduce overall trigger pull weight, since less force will be required to compress the spring while firing. Some claim that the return spring can be removed entirely, but do that at your own risk.
  • DI Products Trigger Kit: A high-quality milled aluminum trigger/trigger guard assembly. Reduces trigger pull weight slightly, but primarily eliminates almost all trigger overtravel, resulting in a much crisper, cleaner break. Might be able to be combined with other mods (like the floppy disk mod) to further reduce weight and keep the benefits of over-travel reduction. (Nutnfancy's Review)

Aftermarket Sights

  • Tech Sights: Probably the most well-known aftermarket sights for the Marlin Model 795 (also compatible with other Marlin models as well such as the Model 60). It is a G.I. style front and rear aperture sight replacement. No drilling/tapping required. Easily adjustable windage and elevation. Also extends sight radius by 6 inches. This product is highly rated. Marlin even included them on the Marlin Model 795 LTR ("Liberty Training Rifle"), meant to be an extremely accurate purpose-built rifle for Project Appleseed shoots.

Aftermarket Stocks

  • Boyd's Gun Stocks: Boyd's is known for producing high quality stocks including ones with adjustable length of pull / cheek rest. They also come in multiple styles. If looking for a high-quality wood stock for the Marlin Model 795, this might be the top contender. They also produce several synthetic stocks for the Marlin 795 as well.
  • ATI Fiberforce "Dragunov" Stock: While technically not compatible with the Marlin 795, a bit of dremeling will allow this stock to properly fit. If looking for an easy, out-of-box solution, this is not it. A great option for the Marlin Model 60 though.

References / Resources


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A Review of the Marlin 795 by YouTube user "XtremeConditions".