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A photo of the Molot VPO-209, a Russian "shotgun" (under Russian law), based on the AKM and chambered in the .366 TKM cartridge.
A photo of the Molot VPO-209, a Russian "shotgun" (under Russian law), based on the AKM and chambered in the .366 TKM cartridge. (Photo from

The Molot VPO-209 is a Russian "shotgun" manufactured by Molot-Oruzhiye, and chambered in .366 TKM. It appears to be based on the AKM, and is strictly semi-automatic for the civilian market.

It seems that it is typical for Molot to repurpose existing surplus AKM series rifles by either rechambering / boring them out (or replacing the barrel), limiting them to semi-auto, according to Finally, the repurposed firearms are sold to the civilian market - as opposed to manufacturing completely new firearms.

Legal Classification

Despite appearance, the VPO-209 is actually considered a shotgun due to Russian firearm regulations, where smooth bore firearms are classified as such. Likewise, the cartridge it fires (the .366 TKM) is of course also classified as a shotgun cartridge, despite largely firing solid bullets ("slugs"). According to this article at this shotgun utilizes a Paradox bore, which starts smooth from the chamber end, with some actual rifling grooves toward the muzzle - the final 12 centimeters (~4.75 inches) in the case of the VPO-209.


  • Platform: Based on the AKM
  • Action: Gas-operated semi-automatic.
  • Caliber / Cartridge: .366 TKM
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds, detachable (from modified 30-round AK-47/AKM magazines)
  • Overall Length: 880 mm (~ 34.65 inches)
  • Barrel Length: 415 mm (~ 16.34 inches)
  • Weight (Empty): 3.6 kg (~ 7.94 lbs) - Some sources show more like ~8.37 lbs. Perhaps loaded weight?

(Info needs additional verification).

In Pop Culture

Escape From Tarkov

Molot VPO-209 Escape From Tarkov
The Molot VPO-209, as it appears in the online first person shooter "Escape From Tarkov". It is chambered in the .366 TKM cartridge.

The Molot VPO-209 as well as the .366 TKM cartridge, are featured prominently in the popular online first person shooter "Escape From Tarkov". The VPO-209 seems to draw mixed feelings from the EFT community on how good or bad it is exactly. However, it's a common lower-tier weapon, especially when a player is either just starting out, or early in the game's periodic wipes of players' progress for major updates.

Escape From Tarkov offers an interesting and fairly realistic variety of ammunition in-game. For example, standard FMJ's do decent damage, but penetration is not ideal. On the other hand, "EKO" solid zinc loads do less overall damage, but feature higher penetration that can reliably penetrate lower to mid-tier armor in the game. "EFT" even allows the player to obtain specially-loaded .366 TKM ammunition that contains armor-piercing 9x39mm SP-6 gs steel core projectiles that are capable of penetrating higher-tier armor, and can cause devastating damage to enemies. However, it suffers in accuracy due to improper bullet sizing (9x39 uses a different caliber projectile), as well as having increased recoil, to compensate for its benefits.

Other Information

External Links

  • - Features a quick summary and some interesting information and specs for the Molot VPO-209 shotgun.
  • - A Russian sporting goods type website that features some information and specs on the VPO-209, seemingly for sale to the Russian public.

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